Over a year ago, I decided to start making some special occasion dresses because 2017 was very busy with weddings and wedding related events for us. I hadn’t made a dress for myself for a special occasion since senior prom because I decided to make sewing my career and for a while it was hard to want to sew for fun at home. Thanks to TrishStitched, I now love indie patterns and the online sewing community but am lazy when it comes to cutting and assembling PDFs so I called on Christine Haynes’ Emery Dress (yay sleeves and a high neckline!) to get me through and just stuck with this one pattern. For all of these dresses, I cut a straight size 4 and then took out 2″ from the top and tapered to 1″ at the waist in the center back. I like to call them my little army because this pattern really pulled through in getting me through all of these special events!


I made this first dress for my friend Larry’s wedding in October. At first, Larry’s cake was supposed to be gold and navy and I wanted to match the cake because cake is delicious and who doesn’t want to dress up to match a pretty cake? So I bought this Rifle Paper Co. Fabric from Cotton + Steel…and then when I got to the reception the cake was a different color. White, I think? Doesn’t matter. I still really liked wearing this dress and it was a really beautiful day watching one of my best friend’s marry the man of his dreams.

(Pictured above are some details from the wedding but not too many because I’m awful at remembering to take pictures. Everything was so beautiful and there was a live band that really got people dancing.)


This Emery dress is also made out of a Rifle Paper Co. print for Cotton + Steel. A couple of months before Larry’s wedding, I realized I might need a dress for his rehearsal dinner. So I made this dress but without sleeves because I was a little short on fabric since I only bought two yards to make the free shipping requirement from Fabric.com when I was purchasing fabric for other projects I was sure I wanted to make. But I love tea, so anything with tea related paraphernalia on it is A-OK with me. It also fit the Beauty and the Beast theme of my friend Rose’s bridal shower the month before Larry’s wedding!

(Pictured above are some of the gorgeous details from the shower. Her bridesmaids really did a fantastic job! (And if you look closely, you’ll notice that my chalkboards got some more time in the spotlight at this shower as well!)


I made this dress over the summer for a wedding we attended on Labor Day and then took it out again to wear for Rose’s rehearsal dinner just this past Saturday. I decided to try the half sleeved version for this one and then thought it looked weird on me so I gathered the bottoms just a little bit to 1/4″ bands to bring them in a little rather than cutting them shorter. I probably should’ve just made a casing and inserted elastic because the bands were just a little too tight but I always get a lot of compliments when I wear this dress so whatever. (If you look closely, you’ll notice my shoes are soaking wet from the snow that was falling the night of the rehearsal dinner!)


This final dress was made for Rose’s wedding. I liked the look of the metallic fabric from that first dress in this post so much I decided I wanted another metallic dress for Rose’s wedding. So I just went ahead and ordered the first thing I liked from Mood Fabrics. Then it came in the mail…and it was SHINY! I guess the first dress was a lot more subtle because the metallic is just printed on but this one was woven with gold lamé. So I was nervous I’d look like I was trying to upstage the bride and bought this cardigan to wear over it to try to tone down the shininess of it (and also because it’d probably be cold out and it was!) But since it was around Christmas time, there were a lot of women wearing shiny dresses also so I had nothing to worry about! The front neckline was a little poofy because this fabric was a little difficult to work with and I guess something funny happened when I ironed it or cut it out. I really should have scooped it out a little bit but, again, I’m lazy so I left it and I swear it was fine if I threw my shoulders all the way back. I just panicked when Kevin took this picture because I’m awkward and at the last second decided to just pose with my hands in my pockets as I usually do in these dresses.

So here are some tiny pictures to prove that the neckline was fine if my shoulders were back. I swear! Also, doesn’t Rose look GORGEOUS in that center picture?!

Above are just some of the beautiful details from this wedding. It was probably the most gorgeous wedding I have ever been to and there was SO much food! I was really hating my dress towards the end of the night because I could hardly breathe after all the food I stuffed in my face!

So there it is, 2017 wedding season is officially complete and it was such an honor and joy to be a part of so many of my best friends’ big days!

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