So Many Scout Tees, So Little Motivation to Take Pictures For Me Made May

Every May, I get so excited for Me Made May because I love the sewing inspiration it provides. This year I pledged to wear at least three me made garments a week without any repeats. The wearing of the garments is the easy part, the taking pictures of myself wearing them is not! The month started off well enough by wearing this black Scout Tee I made out of Anna Maria Horner fabric. I was dressing the show at work that night and needed to be in dark clothes which is exactly the reason I made this top. The only picture I managed to take was a sneaky selfie in one of the dressing rooms while no one else was there.


I continued to take sneaky selfies at work until I became too annoyed and embarassed with it. I took three shots of this outfit before anyone else arrived at work and would run into the wardrobe room in between each one because I kept hearing one of the cleaning staff nearby.  This is a hemlock tee by Grainline Studio that I added lace to at the shoulders and a lace patch pocket.img_20180508_094325


Oh, look! Another Scout Tee. How exciting.


Finally, some good weather and a photographer! It seemed to rain every day I had off in the month of May. This is another Scout Tee hacked into a dress with a drawstring waist.


And here is yet another Scout Tee I wore during the month of May. I pretty much got through half my pledge wearing Scout Tees because I have so many of them and they’re such a great basic. I do wish I had more me-made pants in my wardrobe. I love my Seamwork Moji pants and I wear them all the time but in my pledge to wear 3 me-made garments a week without any repeats, this did not help. Once we’re in our new apartment, I plan on making another pair. Maybe a woven pair of Hudson pants too.


And this is my favorite Scout Tee that I’ve made out of all of them. It’s the only one I have with the cuffed sleeve from the expansion pack they just released for the pattern and I wish these sleeves were on all of my other ones. It’s so much more comfortable and fits me better. I love the Scout Tee but with all of these new sleeve options, I think I am going to kiss the original cap sleeve goodbye. This adorable linen fabric is made by Anna Sui and I got it from Mood Fabrics.

In summary, I love Me Made May and looking at everyone else’s pictures on Instagram. I just hate taking them! In her interview with Love to Sew podcast, Sozo Blog said it’s not about taking pictures anyway. It’s more about holding up to your pledge. So there you have it! I did hold up to my pledge and am going to focus on making more pants in the near future.

2 responses to “So Many Scout Tees, So Little Motivation to Take Pictures For Me Made May”

  1. nekesa Avatar

    I love how you manage to show the versatiblity of one pattern! My favourite is the one you hacked into a dress. How clever! Congrats on making it through Me Made May, even if you didn’t take those pesky photos!
    nekesa xx

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    1. ruddymade Avatar

      Thank you! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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