This is one of the last projects I worked on in our old apartment. I was afraid to take part in the Restyle Exchange 2018 at first but once I received these garments from Rosy Retrospection, I became so excited.

Before she sent me her items, Rosy messaged me three different sets of options through Instagram messaging and I chose this one because I was drawn to that beautiful eyelet fabric.


I knew the skirt would provide me with a lot of fabric to work with so I started by detaching it from the bodice. I then cut out an Ogden Cami by True Bias, making sure to avoid any holes or stains.


I had some Robert Kaufman jersey fabric leftover in my stash from a T-shirt I had made for a friend’s birthday and used it to underline the cami. Rosy said one of her favorite colors was gray so I thought it would be a good match. I didn’t want her to have to wear another camisole under it in case the eyelet on its own was too revealing for her.



The blue lace at the bottom was a last minute, unplanned addition to this garment. I had used the original hem of the skirt for the cami to save myself from having to hem it myself, not realizing I had sewn one side backwards. Since both sides of the fabric look pretty much the same, I decided to mask this mistake by adding some blue stretchy lace I had in my stash along the bottom. Problem solved! You can’t even tell the wrong side of the fabric from the right side…or at least I think you can’t…which is how I made the mistake in the first place… *Shrug*

After I finished the cami, I realized that I didn’t want the bodice to go to waste since it had so much potential. I cut the button placket off the blouse and attached it to the backside of the bodice, now making the back the front. I also removed the flounce from the blouse and added it to the bottom of the bodice. According to her measurements, this bodice seemed like it would be too snug on Rosy. So I added a panel to the center back of what I am calling a vest, out of the same gray jersey fabric I used to underline the cami. I wish I had made it just a little bit wider because it was still too snug on Rosy. Luckily, I still had some more scraps of this fabric leftover and sent some to Rosy so she can hopefully re-work this garment to suit her in the future. 20180511_165858.jpg

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how my re-fashions came out and am excited to try more in the future!

Restyler Exchange 9.jpg



I had a feeling the vest might still be a little snug on Rosie so I wrote her a note suggesting it might look cool if left open on top of the cami. What do you think?


This is a picture of Rosy wearing the Ogden Cami. I think it looks great on her. The Ogden is currently my go-to pattern to make for other people. I’ve made about 5 at this point, and none of them were for me. You can always rely on a good ol’ Ogden cami to show people you care.


This is Rosy wearing the “vest.” I’m kicking myself a little for not making that center back panel just an inch or two wider. Then I probably wouldn’t have needed to do any gathering on the peplum, which would have made more sense instead of those tiny, slight gathers. D’oh!


One day while killing some time in H&M during my break at work, I noticed this blouse on the rack that reminded me of the “vest” I made for Rosy. So I’m glad it was at least on trend if nothing else!

And lastly here is the adorable blouse I received from Sew Love Mary.









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