During Shelter-In-Place, my one bedroom apartment has become my entire world. Not only does it serve as my living space, it is also functioning as my husband’s office and a wardrobe room for a late night TV show. Shipping supplies are currently taking up our entry way. I’ve always used our dining table for cutting out projects but now those recreational projects are intermingled with things for work. My dress form is also now living as a different size for work purposes. Long story short, I just needed more differentiation between work and home life right now.

So I decided to finally make myself a cover for my sewing machine. And since I needed some art therapy, I also went so far as painting the fabric. My husband and I are very fortunate to be able to work from home right now but it has helped my mental health so much to be able to just throw this bad boy over my sewing machine when it’s time to call it a day…even if I’ve left the rest of the apartment a mess.

Step 13

If you are also in the market for a sewing machine cover, I’ve left the free pattern below. The tutorial will be going live on Fabric Wholesale Direct‘s blog in the near future:

Ruddy To Craft Free Sewing Machine Cover Pattern

And if you enjoy the pattern enough, might I suggest donating to one of the organizations below in return if you are able to?:


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