Over three months of sheltering in place and I finally snapped. One tutorial for turning a small folding tray table into an ironing board led to me rearranging our entire apartment to make it work better for us as this one-bedroom apartment continues to contain our entire universe.

Below is the only before picture I have of the mess because I was too focused to actually document the process.

Annotation 2020-07-03 145229


Much better now, right? All this was made possible by just folding up my full sized ironing board. It’s amazing how much space they can take up. Now I’ll only pull it out when I need to iron large pieces of fabric.


I love that painted table holding my spool rack. We found it along the side of the road several years ago and freshened it up a little. I love free curbside furniture! Kevin doesn’t love it as much but we found this table the day before my birthday so he let me take it home 😝.  The tiered rolling tray is from Target.


Cleaning up my sewing space also motivated me to finish up some long languishing projects, like these two embroidery hoops. Embroidery was a nice quiet project to work on for a few days when I didn’t know what else to do with myself.


I copied this idea to turn a folding tray table into a small ironing board from Pinterest. The tutorials online stapled the fabric down to the table with some Insul-Bright in between but I made my cover removable like a real ironing board cover instead. Now this table serves a dual purpose. This is where I sit when I need to use my serger but if I need to iron something small, I’ll move the serger to the floor and use the table as an ironing board. The fabric for the serger cover is from Fab Scrap and I used a free pattern from Closet Case Patterns to make it.


I put current works in progress in a small tray on top of my dresser so that they don’t get lost in the fray. Getting those baskets and hanging them from a ladder helped me clear the clutter off the top of this dresser in order to do so. It still looks cluttered but at least it’s an organized mess now!

Utilizing my closet space more effectively definitely helped a lot in terms of space. A lot of baskets and bins that I just left on the floor before now sit in here. I love this closet so much. I also moved my small dresser in here which helped make more space next to my side of the bed so that I could do this…


I moved this armchair into our bedroom from the living room to make room for Kevin to get a new desk as he continues to work from home. I also wrote down all of the projects I’m working on and want to start working on so I can keep myself on task. I’m thinking having this armchair in our bedroom will make for a nice, cozy knitting spot for me this Fall.

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  1. Backstage Knits (Kath) Avatar

    It looks great! Definitely seems like it will be much more functional too

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