Wow! It’s been a long time since I posted. Since my last post, we bought and moved into our first hours so life got very busy. I was very excited to get situated and start making the house feel like ours and one of the first rooms I tackled was my sewing room. My very own sewing room! I have always dreamed of having a sewing room but never thought it would happen. Outside of work, I’ve been used to sewing in very cramped quarters whether it be at my parent’s house when I first started to learn or in little corners of the apartments my husband and I lived in before we finally found our house.

I claimed this small room off to the side in our basement. I painted the entire basement white to brighten it up and then got to work covering this ugly wood paneling.

I probably did this out of order but I started by priming the paneling. Then afterwards, the internet told me that I would need to fill in the gaps as well so I did that using some spackle and a putty knife. This took me about 2-3 hours but probably would have gone a lot faster if I hadn’t chosen to use the smallest knife available.

Then I waited a couple weeks for the primer to fully cure before I started to cover everything with wall liner paper. (The internet taught me this as well.) Once it dried, I primed that as well.

I then waited for the primer to dry again before I started to put up the wallpaper. I bought the colorful Rifle Paper Co. print when I thought I’d be occupying a space upstairs rather than the basement and had a different design idea in mind. But I very generously let my husband have that room instead for his home office since he is still working from home full-time and this would only be a recreational space for me. Our basement has black pipes running all throughout it so I decided to lean into that and use black and white as my color scheme. So I purchased this pretty black and white printed wallpaper by Florence Balducci from Anthropologie but since I’m such a wallpaper newbie, I was nowhere near having enough to cover everything I needed to and couldn’t buy anymore because it was sold out. After over reacting with two different customer service associates, flooding my group chat with unimportant in the grand scheme of things rants and asking kind strangers on Instagram what to do I finally landed on using both wallpapers I had purchased to cover everything. I wasn’t sure how to integrate them together to make it look intentional and cool but my genius friend Rose came up with the idea of overlapping the black and white print on top of the more colorful one and then tearing away the edges as if to reveal old wallpaper underneath.

Ultimately I chickened out even though I loved the idea because I didn’t trust myself to do it justice and not make it look like a collage done by a kindergartner. So I decided to alternate the panels and then frame them out using some thin wooden trim. I don’t have a proper nail gun so I used the brad nailer feature on my staple gun and then hammered them the rest of the way in as best I could.

After filling in all of the gaps with caulk, I painted all of the trim white.

To fill in the weird gap up to the right, I framed scrap pieces of the wallpaper and a sheet of Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper because you can never have enough Rifle Paper Co. in a sewing room.

All in all, I started this project in November 2021 and didn’t finish it until March 2022. A lot of time and effort went into it but I think it was well worth it. Every time I’m in this room I have to stop and admire this wall and take in all of the work it took to get it here. In my next post, I will share the rest of my sewing room.


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