Back when I got married, my sister (and Maid of Honor) led me on to the fact that my husband’s last name was amazing for puns when trying to come up with hashtag ideas for us. #LetsGetRuddyToRumble and #RuddyOrNotHereWeCome were just a couple of her brilliant ideas. However, I felt like they were a little too aggressive and violent so I ultimately decided to go with #RuddyWhenYouAre. Now, I’m using his last name to blog about my love of crafting.

As my day job (although I work a lot of evenings too), I am very lucky to work as a stitcher and dresser on Broadway and at Radio City. But those jobs include a lot of alterations, quick rigging, repairs on (sometimes sweaty) costumes and doing the exact same thing day in and day out. So this blog and the projects I write about are my creative outlet. I hope you enjoy!


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