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Cake and Crafting Party!

Every year, I exchange Christmas gifts with my college friends, Hannah and Erin. Since we finally have a suitable apartment to invite guests to now, I decided to host this year. I had a Christmas paper flower wreath kit from Paper Source in my stash that I hadn’t gotten around to yet and then while browsing their website one day, I found more kits on sale for a really great price. I believe they were less than $10 each which is really good considering they were originally over $20 each.


I loaded up on snacks for the party at Trader Joe’s but forgot to get something for dessert. So I ran to my local Foodtown and couldn’t resist buying this cute cake with white frosting and sprinkles when I saw it in the dessert section. Thus, the name of the party was born! I made this chalkboard using an old frame I bought at a flea market for our wedding and now I use it to write something on every time we have guests over.


We had a really great time snacking on food and crafting while listening to 90’s pop music.


Below is my finished wreath! I think it came out really cute but I had so many pieces of the green pine leftover. I may use them to decorate wrapped gifts next year. Since I work crazy hours during the holidays, we got together in January once I was finished. Even though Christmas was long over, I still hung this up in the apartment for a little while because who doesn’t want peace, joy and cheer all year round? It’s sitting in my closet now and will probably need some maintenance when I pull it out again for the holidays later on this year. The sticky tabs that the kit comes with don’t hold up that well and all the instructions said to do to add the ribbon to the back was to use scotch tape so that’s falling off too.


For our second Cake and Crafting party this past Spring, I had found some really cheap paper flower kits for sale on Lia Griffith’s website. They were each around $2 and I was so happy to come across them because if I invite friends over, I don’t want to have to charge them 😂.


I think they look amazing and it was so nice to just have to punch out the pieces for both of these kits. When I made a paper flower bouquet for my wedding, I hand traced and hand cut all of the pieces because I don’t have a Cricut and it just took forever!


I’m so glad I have other friends who love sewing and crafting as much as I do because it’s so much fun to get together over activities we all enjoy.

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Incorporating Baby Gifts Into The Decor for the Shower

DSC_0323 copy

Back in November, my sister and I helped our brother and sister-in-law’s friends plan their baby shower. My brother and sister-in-law didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby until he was born, so we spent the months leading up to his birth referring to him as “Mini Moy.”

DSC_0329 copy

This is the table that greeted guests when they first arrived. The drawings in the frames are originals by my sister, Kathryn, and she used the same artwork to incorporate into the decor throughout the entire party.


I was glad that the baby quilt I made came in handy when it came to covering up this shelf full of random things.

DSC_0313 copy

These are the party favors, M & M’s (for Mini Moy), with tags featuring Kathryn’s artwork. Cute, huh?

DSC_0333 copy

Kathryn insisted that the foxes hang out together. That’s a custom stuffed fox she designed and drafted the pattern for sitting with the fox I embroidered using a kit from TatSol on Etsy. Kathryn also likes embroidery and embroidered the neckerchief on the fox with what will probably now be the baby’s nickname for the rest of his life.

DSC_0340 copy

DSC_0341 copy

Did you know that you can buy flowers in bulk with a Costco membership? I ordered these online and had them shipped to my brother and sister-in-law’s friend’s apartment, where she arranged them. Don’t they look cute? And better yet, almost two months later and they still look pretty good. I’ve had a small bunch decorating my apartment ever since the shower.

DSC_0361 copy

This is the photo booth set up. Kathryn designed the banner in the background and we just used a plain gray flat sheet to mask the wall. I bought a photo booth back drop stand from Walmart and it just worked out that that bench was already at the venue.

Mini Moy has finally entered the world since the shower and both sides of the family couldn’t be more ecstatic that he’s here!


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Harry Potter Themed Bridal Shower

Back in April, my friends and I threw our dear friend, Lauren, a Harry Potter themed bridal shower because she is the ultimate book worm and this particular book series is a favorite among all of us. Since these books were such a vital part of our childhoods, this shower was a lot of fun to plan and I thought it’d be fun to share about it in my first blog post because so many hours went into the execution of it all (lead by our fearless leaders, bridesmaid MVPs Sara and Sahar!)


First of all, I was so excited to get to reuse some of the chalkboards I made for my own wedding. My intention when I first made these chalkboards was to hopefully reuse them for some aspects of my friend’s upcoming wedding related events and I was so happy we got to reuse them so soon because weddings can be so wasteful sometimes (there, I said it!) Also, Sahar’s handwriting looks so cute!


There was a bookshelf off in one corner of the venue, which served as a perfect nod to the restricted section of the library at Hogwarts. Sahar’s so clever! Isn’t she clever?


Each of the guests had a golden snitch waiting for them at their seats. Sahar created the file for this treat and one of my favorite projects at one of our crafting meetings was cutting these out.

The contribution I’m proudest of is this combination of the Harry Potter placemats underneath the book page floral arrangements. I made these mats using fabric purchased from and the flowers are made of book pages from an actual Harry Potter book using the ranunculus template from I felt bad cutting up one of Sara’s old copies of Harry Potter, but I felt better about it once I got home and realized the book was missing the first three chapters. This was a time consuming project and things got really busy at work, so luckily Sara and Sahar came to my rescue in the last few weeks before the shower to help me get enough made in time to fill out all the vases. Team work really DOES make the dream work! (Haha…)


Another time consuming project was these bottles. Each one had to have the original labels scrubbed off (which was really hard!) and then Sahar made these new Harry Potter themed labels to go on them instead. Then they stuck a candle in the top, lit it and waited for the wax to melt and drip down the bottle. (Side note: If you’re wondering what that word on the cover of that book is, so am I. This edition of Harry Potter is from Rose’s awesomely extensive collection of international HP books.)


This is The Three Broomsticks! And Sahar made actual butterbeer on the day of and it was delicious!


Who doesn’t love taking Polaroids?! This is our photo booth station and I was also happy to finally unload all of this extra Polaroid film leftover from my wedding. (I really over bought…I still have two packs of film left at home. Whoops!) There are also Harry Potter themed props in that case!


One of the coolest backdrops I’ve ever seen. Sara strung all of these envelopes together on fishing line and then hung them to the ceiling behind the bridal party table. Sara even hand wrote Harry Potter’s address on each envelope! Isn’t she the cutest?


Speaking of the bridal party table, here it is, adorned with Sara’s beautiful handmade sign! She made stencils for each letter on the computer and then spray painted them onto this burlap banner and I think it came out so, so great.

Another cool touch was these potion bottles. Sahar mixed water and food dye into bottles and then applied these labels she made to them. I think it added a really cool touch to the atmosphere like “Ooh!!…Potions…!!”


Some games were played and the winners got to take home these really cute succulents in these adorable little vases Sahar found at Party City. It’s like we’re in Herbology! Get it?!


Honeydukes! So much candy!


And last, but certainly not least, the party favors! Each guest took home a bottle of Amortentia, the most powerful love potion, with their very own wand attached! And it tastes exactly like Prosecco! The girls spent hours and hours squiggling really cool designs onto some dowel rods using a hot glue gun, painting them all brown and then finally, sealing them with varnish. This might have been the most time consuming project of all and I wish I could’ve been around to help out on this one more but…you know, life and stuff.

All in all, the shower was a success and Lauren seemed really happy with all of it. *High fives all around!* Planning a shower like this only takes 4 1/2 months, a lot of man power, and five friends who all really enjoy each other’s company! Phew! (And maybe also a mother of the bride who didn’t bat an eye when we handed her a butt load of receipts…!)




The gorgeous thank you card my sister designed for Lauren to send to guests after the shower is now available in our Etsy shop as a PDF download and can be found here.